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Tina Goldstein ([personal profile] thecareergirl) wrote in [community profile] restlessbrook2017-05-01 09:47 pm

We'll always have Paris. [Closed to creaturechaser]

Tina has been busy since having regained her old job. She's traveled a lot, working on projects of even higher pedigree than when she was first on the investigative team. She's been doing her best to prove that the trust of Madam President Seraphina Piquery is justified, even in the wake of helping bring down the darkest wizard of the age.

Not that he'd remained in prison for long. MACUSA could only hold him for so long.

Now, Tina is in Europe. Paris, specifically. She spends her days in bars and pubs, picking up the local gossip to report back to her boss later.

Being on this side of the pond, she's also owling Newt fairly frequently. She can't discuss case specifics, but it's nice just to be able to write to him and see how he's doing. To talk to someone who doesn't also work for MACUSA.

She sits in a cafe now, hands wrapped around a steaming mug of tea as she waits. They've decided to meet, seeing as they are so close together. Tina has the time to spare, having worked hard enough for the past few weeks to earn something of a break. So she sits with her tea in a little cafe in Paris and she waits.

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