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Belle relishes every moment she has to spend outdoors, just for herself. She dearly loves her job, and she loves volunteering at the orphanage, but she also cherishes the time she has for herself, too. Especially on days like today, where the humidity seems to have let up a bit, for once. She smiles as Philippe makes his way through the woods, the trees surrounding them providing them with shade and additional relief from the warm weather.

It hadn't taken her long to reach the stables after a quick breakfast; she jumped right on the bus and made her way to Philippe. She spent the first couple of hours brushing and taking care of her companion. And, of course, she brought him several apples and carrots as treats.

After finishing grooming him, Belle brought out all the riding gear required and, in another moment, found herself galloping off with Philippe, no particular destination in mind.

By now, she's been riding most of the day. She's slowed Philippe down, of course, to a more leisurely pace, and has let him choose the direction they head in. He's stopped several times to drink fresh water and nibble at some of the grass.

They're currently walking besides what seems to be a river, or a stream, of sorts. Belle has allowed herself to relax a bit, lulled by the comfort of the day.

A sudden splash up ahead catches her attention. Philippe, too, lifts his ears, on alert.

"Hello?" Belle calls out.

state of the pups

Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:27 pm
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Crossposting a new state of the pups for TCRPG over here.

(If nothing else, come see the new Lyall gif!)
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