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Tina has been busy since having regained her old job. She's traveled a lot, working on projects of even higher pedigree than when she was first on the investigative team. She's been doing her best to prove that the trust of Madam President Seraphina Piquery is justified, even in the wake of helping bring down the darkest wizard of the age.

Not that he'd remained in prison for long. MACUSA could only hold him for so long.

Now, Tina is in Europe. Paris, specifically. She spends her days in bars and pubs, picking up the local gossip to report back to her boss later.

Being on this side of the pond, she's also owling Newt fairly frequently. She can't discuss case specifics, but it's nice just to be able to write to him and see how he's doing. To talk to someone who doesn't also work for MACUSA.

She sits in a cafe now, hands wrapped around a steaming mug of tea as she waits. They've decided to meet, seeing as they are so close together. Tina has the time to spare, having worked hard enough for the past few weeks to earn something of a break. So she sits with her tea in a little cafe in Paris and she waits.
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I've been roleplaying for quite some time now, nearly a decade, I think, in fact! I've never really gave any thought to having a place to organize/play with/explore my muses, but I've seen a few of these muse boxes around. I really like the idea, so here we are!

The name comes from Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market" poem, and was also the name of my writing journal back in the good old days of Livejournal.

This place is for my various muses, both the ones currently in games and those without. I am down for just about anything, including: test threads for new pups, crossover canon stuff, extensions of canon, chances to thread with pups I might not normally have the chance to thread with, plotting, and, my personal favorite.

I also have some original characters on my muse list that I'm hoping to explore using this space, so I am totally available for OC shenanigans as well.

I may or may not also use this space for fanmixes, meta, essays, etc.

I'll be using this space for prompts and the like already mentioned above, but membership is open and people should feel free to post prompts/scenarios/AUs if they like.

I like to think of myself as generally relaxed and chill when it comes to RP, but I do want to set a few, basic guidelines here for people to note:

- I personally prefer prose-style when it comes to threads but all styles are welcome here.
- Any triggering material should be noted/placed beneath a cut whenever possible.
- I am fine with adult threads, but all such threads will be duly noted and placed beneath a cut when possible.
- Any one using this comm for adult threads should be 18+. Same goes for the characters involved.
- Any threads involving my pups that deal with self-harm or suicidal thoughts will need to be discussed with me first.

I think, in terms of guidelines, that just about covers it. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to voice them in this post.

Please find my muse list here and the plotting post for this community here.
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This is a place where anyone can discuss potential plots, threads, AUs, ideas, etc. for any interaction with any of the characters on the muse list.

You can check my preferences on the introduction post of this muse box.

I am always happy to do test threads with people, and I enjoy a good old-fashioned crack thread when the mood strikes as well.

Muse List

Apr. 26th, 2025 06:44 pm
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A list of muses I currently have in my head. Will update/alter as needed. I have no graphics skills, so this is just basically going to be a list.

Please note that, even if I'm not playing a particular character in a specific game, I hold all of my pups near and dear to my heart, because I'm a nerd like that.

It's obvious that Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter is my main fandom. If I could app every FB character, I probably would.

Fictional Characters:


Marius Pontmercy | Les Miserables | [personal profile] pontmercyfriend
Newt Scamander | Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them | [personal profile] somethingwild
Donna Hayward | Twin Peaks | [personal profile] notinbooks
Jason McConnell | Bare | [personal profile] no_voice
Debora | Baby Driver | [personal profile] terriblecoffee

Reserved: Buffy Summers | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | [personal profile] incendiaryverse


Belle | Beauty and The Beast | [personal profile] most_peculiar
Tina Goldstein | Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them | [personal profile] thecareergirl
Queenie Goldstein | Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them | [personal profile] aintthatglamorous
Lily Potter | Harry Potter | [personal profile] doeinbloom
Bruce Wayne | The Dark Knight Triology | [personal profile] noteverything
Meg Murry | A Wrinkle In Time | [personal profile] socosmic
Peter Lake | A Winter's Tale | [personal profile] vaultpastinfinity
Harry Potter | Harry Potter | [personal profile] who_lived
Theseus Scamander | Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them | [personal profile] salamanderauror
Selena Kyle | The Dark Knight Trilogy | [personal profile] quiteanappetite
Diana Prince | Wonder Woman/DCEU | [personal profile] trickygirl
Irene Adler | Ritchieverse Sherlock Holmes | [personal profile] scandalousmuse
Elizabeth Swann | Pirates of the Caribbean | [personal profile] wildswann

Original Characters:

Fabrice Coombs | Siren Cove RPG | [personal profile] ofcatsandfate
Moira Coombs | Siren Cove RPG | [personal profile] chasingtwisters
Amelia Rossetti | Original Protagonist for Original Work | [personal profile] seasaltdreams
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